The auction method is usually the quickest and surest way to sell. Usually, we can advertise and sell whatever our sellers offer for sale in three weeks or less. Most times the actual sale will only take a few hours.

The key to maximizing the value of items for sale is buyers competing with each other for those items.

Each sale is different. The items for sale will to a degree dictate how the sale should be advertised. We have the experience and knowledge to understand what is being sold and to design and implement the right marketing plan.

We know how to identify buyers that will be most interested in a particular sale and therefore could pay the highest price. Prospect lists can be used to target those specific buyers when advertising via e-mail or direct mail.

Our advertising channels include:
Web site
Newspaper ads
Direct mail
Radio spots
Signs for the sale site area
Aerial photographs
Fliers and brochures

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